Bartholin, Thomas

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Thomas, Danish anatomist, 1616-1680.
Bartholin anus - entrance to the cerebral aqueduct (of Sylvius) from the caudal part of the third ventricle. Synonym(s): anus cerebri
Bartholin-Patau syndrome - Synonym(s): Patau syndrome
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History of Medicine and Science-Det Kongelige Bibliotek provides numerous works by Danish physician Thomas Bartholin regarding, for instance his discovery of the thoracic duct and the lymphatic vessels, as well as his 1658 translation of the Venetian nobleman Luigi Cornaro's book on healthy aging.
Interstitial hernias were first described in 1661 by the Danish physician Thomas Bartholin (1), but it was not until 1797 that Jean Petit first defined this hernia anatomically.
Ancak ilk defa 1670 yilinda Thomas Bartholin tarafindan tanimlanmistir (1,6).