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Thomas, English physician, 1793-1860.
Addison anemia - a chronic, progressive anemia of older adults due to failure of absorption of vitamin B12. Synonym(s): Addison-Biermer disease; addisonian anemia; Biermer anemia; Biermer disease; pernicious anemia
Addison-Biermer disease - Synonym(s): Addison anemia
Addison disease - Synonym(s): chronic adrenocortical insufficiency
addisonian anemia - Synonym(s): Addison anemia
addisonian crisis - Synonym(s): acute adrenocortical insufficiency
Addison-Schilder disease - Synonym(s): Schilder disease
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Congratulations to Thomas Addison, owner of Precision Door Service of Richmond.
Hodgkin, Richard Bright, and Thomas Addison were contemporaries and became known as "the three great men of Guy's" (7, 8).
I am trying to trace Christine Armstrong, who used to live in Benton and went to Thomas Addison Girls' School.