Thomas, Terry


Terry, 20th century English comedic film actor.
Terry Thomas sign - Synonym(s): David Letterman sign
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Clockwise from top left, Elwyn Dunster, Robert Visintainer, Mandy Thomas, Terry Davies, Alan Roach and Walter Westcott in men's shed the Squirrel's Nest in Bridgend.
To mark 100 years since the birth of acclaimed Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, Terry Hands will direct an anniversary production of Under Milk Wood.
(Mam, we will love and miss you forever.) Claire, Michael, Thomas, Terry and Kellie.
I have been trying without success to contact the following: Keith Redmond, David Low (brother of Andy Fairweather), John Floyd, David Mundy, Haydn Davies, Paul (Ticker) Thomas, Terry Barnes, Brian Bowgen and Charlie Gristock.
Gilding started against Rotherham on March 27 and Bees claim that Moseley didn't need him because they already had front-rowers Yann Thomas, Terry Sigley and Dan Oselton on the bench.
County president Dafydd Davies won the gross prize with a 74 and the Bull Bay A team of, Hind, Thomas, Terry Gilford, Derek Gilbert, David Lewis and Benny Hilton won the team prize with a total of 354.
The shortlist: Mickey Thomas, Terry Medwin, Cliff Jones, Joey Jones, Alf Sherwood, Mark Hughes, Brian Flynn, Craig Bellamy, Ryan Giggs, Neville Southall, John Charles, Billy Meredith, Kevin Ratcliffe, Ian Rush (below), Terry Yorath, Ivor Allchurch
Bride Candy Neill (Watkins) and groom Andy Watkins (front) say thank you to the kindhearted firefighters (from left) Dean Thomas, Terry Bates, Andy Wilson, station officer John Anderson, Denis Muldoon, Paul Staples, Ryan Forrester and Lea McDonald.
Pictured (at top) are the five owners and management of the new foundry and machine shop (from 1): Jay Thomas, Bill Thomas, Terry Dahle, Dan Thomas and Rick Thomas.
The Adams family was run by three brothers, Thomas, Terry and Patrick.
They are Pam Evans, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Barbara Thomas, Terry Kane, Kevin Morris, Ken Reed and Pat Shirley.
Try scorers for the leaders were Adam John, Ceri Thomas, Terry Billingham, Chris Bowditch and James McKenna, with young Hook landing two conversions and a penalty.