Ludwig, Austrian physiologist, 1817-1897. See: Thiry fistula, Thiry-Vella fistula.
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FinFoundHer is the creation of Kristin Fox, Holly Glowaty and Kristen Thiry, three adventurous entrepreneurs and advocates for women-owned businesses.
Thiry is an assistant professor at the Bacteriology Laboratory at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Liege.
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Los Angeles Times sports reporter Lindsey Thiry confirmed the news via Twitter Monday.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 2, 2015-Orion Engineered Carbons SA elects Erik Thiry as SVP of Rubber Carbon Black
Ms Thiry had tried to protect her divorce settlement from French Connection founder Stephen Marks with a pre-nuptial agreement.
DaVita chief executive Kent Thiry said in a comment that, by combining its global reach and clinical capabilities with CSHP, his company would create a "new paradigm" of personalised healthcare in Colorado.
Twitter spokesperson Christina Thiry said that the social network welcomes any constructive feedback that is directed towards greater efficiency of operations.
DIRECTOR: Jim Taihuttu CAST: Marwan Kenzari, Nasrdin Dchar, Raymond Thiry, Chems Eddine Amar, Cahit Olmez, Bo Maerten, Slimane Dazi, Mohammed El Mimouni, Baya Belal, Abdelkrim Bahloul, Jacob Derwig, Ismael Tarhabi, Aziz Akazim, Said Mbarki, Werner Kolf, Mustafa Duygulu
The secret, Taylor said, was how CEO Ken Thiry changed the company by first changing the culture.
Saudi Arabia is an important market for DaVita in the Middle East," remarked chairman and CEO Kent Thiry.
The US company plans to continue to focus on India and other Asia-Pacific countries, its chairman and chief executive, Kent Thiry, said in a press release.