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third party

Managed care A person or organization ancillary to the doctor-patient 'dyad', that participates in financing the services rendered–eg, a health insurance carrier, or administrates processing and paying claims for health services provided–eg, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare

third party,

n the party to a dental benefits contract that may collect premiums, assume financial risk, pay claims, and provide other administrative services. Also called
administrative agent carriers, insurers, or
third-party administrator (TPA),
n claims payer who assumes responsibility for administering health benefit plans without assuming any financial risk. Some commercial insurance carriers and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans also have TPA operations to accommodate self-funded employers seeking administrative services only (ASO) contracts.
third-party payer,
n an organization other than the patient (first party) or health care provider (second party) involved in the financing of personal health services.
third-party payment,
n payment for services by someone other than the beneficiary (e.g., when an employer or union makes such payment).
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In each scenario, the parties to the transaction are the employee, the employer, the RSC and the third-party purchaser.
1) Request additional information from the third-party agent: This can include the identity of and contact information for the corporations and individuals represented by the asset-recovery firm seeking to obtain stale-dated or other monetary listings.
In exchange, the third-party payer has no influence over the recovery process other than the opportunity to make a claim (or object) at the end of the claims procedure.
Hence, the third-party civil penalties would not be applicable.
DeVeaux said the state GOP has no third-party worries.
With the close race between Gore and Bush, the third-party vote for Nader could make a big difference on Election Day.
While several of the previous definitions indicate that contemporary third-party logistics can result in the provision of multiple distribution activities, the authors believe that these definitions fail to capture another key attribute - an emphasis on longer-term, mutually beneficial relationships.
Formed in the early 1990s, the New Party has from the start fashioned itself as a "responsible" third-party initiative, and it has consistently avoided mounting challenges to Democrats in high-level competitive races.
The decision in Pierce offers a rare look at a situation where an owner attempts to utilize the doctrine of third-party beneficiary as a sword rather than a shield.
We knew that making the move to a third-party vendor would save us substantial amounts of money, but we wanted to make sure it did not compromise support," said Michael Mills, manager of global IT - HR and operations at Remy International Inc.
In 2013Q1-Q3, the transaction scale in China third-party payment market claimed RMB474.
Typically, the buyout results in a two-transaction sale--a sale of the residence by the employee to the employer, followed by a sale from the employer to a third-party buyer.

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