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third party

Managed care A person or organization ancillary to the doctor-patient 'dyad', that participates in financing the services rendered–eg, a health insurance carrier, or administrates processing and paying claims for health services provided–eg, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare

third party,

n the party to a dental benefits contract that may collect premiums, assume financial risk, pay claims, and provide other administrative services. Also called
administrative agent carriers, insurers, or
third-party administrator (TPA),
n claims payer who assumes responsibility for administering health benefit plans without assuming any financial risk. Some commercial insurance carriers and Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans also have TPA operations to accommodate self-funded employers seeking administrative services only (ASO) contracts.
third-party payer,
n an organization other than the patient (first party) or health care provider (second party) involved in the financing of personal health services.
third-party payment,
n payment for services by someone other than the beneficiary (e.g., when an employer or union makes such payment).
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Model Risk: The FDIC expresses concern about the reliance of certain banks on third-party credit models and notes that some banks are highly dependent on such models.
Respondents believe their own organizations are secure from third-party data breaches but think their competitors are vulnerable to them.
NASAA listed the following six facts about third-party custodians' duties:
In each scenario, the parties to the transaction are the employee, the employer, the RSC and the third-party purchaser.
1) Request additional information from the third-party agent: This can include the identity of and contact information for the corporations and individuals represented by the asset-recovery firm seeking to obtain stale-dated or other monetary listings.
In exchange, the third-party payer has no influence over the recovery process other than the opportunity to make a claim (or object) at the end of the claims procedure.
In addition, CEOs and CFOs of public companies are finding it harder to sign all of these new quarterly and pending annual internal control certifications and assertions without some evaluation of the controls in place at significant third-party service providers.
Whether the third-party provider has obtained an independent security attestation regarding their systems.
After the draft legislation was revised, the Department of Finance provided assurances that, notwithstanding any technical deficiency in the legislative language, appropriate safeguards against the assertion of third-party civil penalties against employees of corporate taxpayers would be addressed administratively in CCRA's published guidelines.
Nader, in perhaps holding the balance of power in Gore's struggle for California's prize of 54 electoral votes, has overshadowed the other third-party candidates, much as Reform Party candidate Ross Perot did in 1992 against Bill Clinton.
The space in American politics for third-party efforts seems to have grown larger in recent years.
The IRS indicated that steps to eliminate confusion about third-party notices now include the following:

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