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The unlawful killing of a human being by another with malice aforethought, either express or implied
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Q. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. My friend is imprisoned for a planned murder. Family and friend assumes that he is bipolar, but as yet he is not been diagnosed. He has answered yes to all the questions in a questionnaire to indicate bipolar. Bipolar do commit murder often and would he have been manic when he did it?

A. It is not uncommon for someone suffering with bipolar to commit crimes, mostly this happens in a manic state. His family can talk to his lawyer about getting him a pychological evaluation, if he is dagnosed bipolar they can begin to treat him. He will still be responsible for his actions but they can work with him to make him better. Good luck

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"To me, it's amazing that somebody could put a gun to somebody's head, blow their brains out essentially, and a jury finds them guilty of third-degree murder and not first?" Jackie Mineo, the victim's aunt, told BRCTV 13 on Monday.
However, the police worked hand-inhand with our forensic experts and saw this was far more complicated, sinister and criminal.' This year, as part of a deal, Ben pleaded guilty to third-degree murder at Lancaster County Court.
Common Pleas Court Judge Benjamin Lerner sentenced Williams to five to 10 years on her guilty plea to two counts of third-degree murder. Assistant District Attorney Edward Cameron "asked for 10 to 20 years in prison, noting that she killed two people," Slobodzian explained.
Herbert and Catherine Schaible of Philadelphia now await trial, facing third-degree murder charges for Brandon's death.
Gosnell still faces four charges of first-degree murder and one charge of third-degree murder related to the death of the patient.
Delaware Online reported on April 8 that Sherry West, another Gosnell assistant who faces up to 100 years in prison after pleading guilty to third-degree murder in the deaths of children born alive at the clinic, recalled hearing a newborn baby scream before it was killed.
Gosnell is also charged with third-degree murder in the overdose death of 41-year-old Karnamaya Mongar, who came from Virginia for an abortion in 2009.
Both Hare and Darnell, of oxford, Florida, are charged with third-degree murder, child manslaughter and child neglect.
Toal, in a brief interview, said he had expected the appeal to fail because the most du Pont could have gained from presenting the evidence of scopolamine use would be a reduction of the charge from first- to third-degree murder which the jury already found.
Is manslaughter better or worse than third-degree murder? Damn it ...