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The HOC scheme (13) is used to solve the third derivatives [] in (24).
For example, the expression (12) for third derivative will be written down as
At n = 4 the third derivative from [P.sup.*.sub.n]([xi]) will be
"Islamic securities are closer to the underlying asset, there's no such thing as a second or third derivative," he said..
The model will be the third derivative in the IS range following the launch earlier this year of the high performance IS F, and heads a three-pronged reveal for the luxury arm of Toyota at the Mondial de l'Automobile.
Let f: [a, b] [right arrow] R be 3-times differentiable on (a, b) whose third derivative f''': (a, b) [right arrow] R is bounded on (a, b), i.e., [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII].
Specific papers address perturbed trapezoid inequality in terms of the third derivative and applications, Stolarsky and Gini divergence measures in information theory, bounds for Eigenvalues and the singular values of a Block-Schwartz matrix, inequalities for compound means, a Hankel transform for the function of rounded variations, sharp inequality for the Bayes prediction risk, and new discrete inequalities and their applications.