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The fundamental ring compound.
Synonym(s): thiofuran, thiole
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Presently, thiophene based polymers and oligomers are of special interest among the D-A type conjugated systems mainly due to their high thermal stability, readiness to accommodate functional groups, and solubility in common organic solvents, which offer great promise for practical device applications.
The crystal structure of compound 4 is composed of two planner thiophene rings (S1/C1-C3/C6 and S2/C3-C5/C6), fused along C3 and C6 plane having two phenyl (C7-C12/C13-C18) rings and ethanone (O1/C19-C20/O2/C21-C22) moieties attached to C1, C2, C4, and C5 atoms (Figure 1).
The brown (colored) and golden (bleached) color has been obtained in respective state by using this polymer which otherwise is difficult to obtain with thiophenes based EC materials.
Using our simple model calculations, other chemical defects on an aliphatic pendant group or the thiophene alone, such as missing hydrogen on an aliphatic pendant group or thiophene, replacement of a "carbon" atom with an "oxygen" atom on an aliphatic pendant group or thiophene, an oxygen bridging two carbon atoms on an aliphatic pendant group or thiophene, even, in the extreme case, omission of an aliphatic pendant group, will not result in major changes of backbone conformation of P3HT, and do not create density of states within HOMO-LUMO gap.
The SCD chromatogram of KH-MD contains a large number of thiophenes and benzothiophenes, and the peaks of refractory sulfur compounds such as methyl-dibenzothiophene (DBT) remained after the hydro-treating.
In the PEDOT homopolymer spectrum, the bands at 1463 and 1459 [cm.sup.-1] are due to the C=C and C-C stretching of the thiophene backbone, respectively.
Sondengam, "Synthesis and antimicrobial activities ofsome novel thiophene containing azo compounds," Heterocyclic Communications, vol.
Furthermore, it can explain why two films originating from two different thiophene derivatives require a different thickness to obtain similar sensing performances of the GOx biosensors.
The hydrophobic functions of H1 and H2 consisted of either aromatic moieties or halogen atoms, like hexamethylene, thiophene, bromine, and chlorine atoms.
Such catalysts are proved to be highly active for thiophenes and benzothiophenes sulfur elimination.
Desulfurization on the basis of alkylation is very useful method for the removal of specific sulfur compounds called it thiophenes.In commercial scale this method is useful for light hydrocarbons.