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The fundamental ring compound.
Synonym(s): thiofuran, thiole
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[sup.1]HNMR (300 MHz, DMSO-d6): [delta] ppm 8.3 (8.7) (doublet, 2H, ArH, J = 7.9 Hz), 8.2 (8.5) (doublet, 2H, ArH, J = 7.9 Hz); 8.0 (7.7) (singlet, [sup.1]H, pyrimidine), 7.9-7.2 (7.9-7.3) (multiplet, 3H, thiophen); 7.2 (4.8) (singlet, [sup.1]H, SH), anal.
Association of Al[X.sub.3] ([D.sub.3h] symmetry; X = H, F, Cl and Br), which act as electron pair acceptors, with Y[C.sub.4][H.sub.4] (Y = O in furan, Y = NH in pyrrole, and Y'= S in thiophen), wish act as electron pair donors, leads to [X.sub.3]Al-Y[C.sub.4][H.sub.4].
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In each class of materials, the aromatic moieties may be either benzene derivatives or heteroaromatics such as thiophenes, pyridines, pyrroles and thiazoles.