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Thiokol (thī´ōkôl), brand name for polysulfide polymer using a mercaptan bond. The basic ingredient of rubber-base impression materials. See also mercaptan.
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The book fast forwards to January 27, 1986, with the very unusual meeting between NASA SRB program managers and Morton Thiokol managers, concerning the topic of launching in cold temperatures and how the cold might have affected the performance of the O-rings in the Solid Rocket Booster field joints.
We are excited that the Company has been given the opportunity to participate with ATK Thiokol in this high visibility program.
But when I think of Spiral Jetty now, I remember the slurbs, Thiokol, Tooele, and Golden Spike, the trailer and amphibious vehicle, the tumbleweed, the rocks, the hailstorm, the ants, and my dog retching; and I can picture the not-Spiral Jetty that quietly mocks its invisible neighbor.
The Thiokol facility; in Promotory Point, UT, is using DCT to extend the wear life of its tooling.
McDonald, Boisjoly, and otherengineers at Morton Thiokol, maker of the solid-rocket boosters, begin a protracted attempt to persuade NASA to postpone the launch.
Avexus solutions have been selected by leading organizations, including ATK Thiokol, Goodrich, Island Air, Kitty Hawk Aircargo, Pemco Aeroplex, the U.
ATK Thiokol Propulsion, Promontory, Utah, is the solid propulsion supplier on the Orbital team developing the boost vehicle for The Boeing Company, the prime contractor for the GMD program.
The agreement with Thiokol covers a two-year, three-phase program.
The first few days of inspection after the test revealed no "anomalies" (unanticipated problems) at all, according to a Thiokol official, based on preliminary appraisals that ranged from reading instruments to sending an engineer crawling inside for a look.
ATK Thiokol Propulsion has produced CASTOR IVA strap-on boosters for the Lockheed Martin Atlas IIAS since 1993 with 100 percent launch success.
Everyone is asking why the top NASA officials who decided to launch the fatal Challenger flight had not been told of the concerns of people down below, like Allan McDonald and the other worried engineers at Morton Thiokol.
Ross spearheaded the acquisitions of Thiokol and COI.