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An organic sulfide; an ether in which the oxygen is replaced by sulfur; R-S-R'.
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BASF's Irganox portfolio of antioxidants based on sterically hindered phenols, phosphites, and thioethers act to protect coatings, fibers, adhesives, and sealants against thermal oxidation.
Zhang, Microwave Assisted Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of Some Novel Thioethers Containing 1, 2, 4-triazolo[4, 3-a]pyridine Moiety.
Root-canaled (dead) and infected teeth have hundreds of different bacteria living in them and secrete powerful toxins such as skatoles, pyrroles, indoles, thioethers, and mercaptans into the body, which can block phosphorylases and inhibit ATP manufacturing in the mitochondria.
Nevertheless, HOCl is also a specific oxidizing/halogenating agent that discriminates between different functional groups and reacts normally in the following order: reduced sulfur moieties (thiols and thioethers) > primary and secondary amines > phenols, tertiary amines > double bonds, other aromatics, carbonyls and amides [64].
Songnox[R] CS is the company's diversified offering of antioxidants, which ranges from primary phenolics to secondary thioethers and phosphites.
Desulfurizati on of aromatic sulfur compounds much complicated as comp are with desulfurization of aliphatic sulfur compounds [8].hig h viscosities and high API gravities crude oil contains high a mount of sulfur content and also a complex sulfur compounds, acyclic aliphatic sulfides such as thioethers and cyclic thiola ne can be removed easily by a process of thermal treatment or commonly known as HDS [9].
After explaining the preparation of alcohols, ethers, and related compounds through the formation of oxygen-carbon bonds, the chemistry handbook introduces procedures for synthesizing amines, amides, organophosphines, phosphonates, thioethers, sulfones, organoboronic acids, organoboronates, and organohalides.
On the other hand, azole-containing thioethers are also known for their rich coordination chemistry [4].
[18-22] produced selective complexing sorbent which solves many analytical problems such as (i) the use of Ni and Co complexes bonded to the silica surface via [beta]-diketonate groups to elute alkane-alkene pairs [18] or via thiol groups for separation of cyclic hydrocarbons, cyclic ethers, and chloro derivatives of aliphatic hydrocarbons [19] and (ii) bonded Cu, Ni, and Cr to the silica surface via ketoamino groups to elute halogenated hydrocarbons, geometric isomers, olefin, ethers, thioethers, cyclic hydrocarbons, aromatic, and ketones [2022].
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