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If and when the ABA does act to allow multidisciplinary practices, thinking outside the box is a trait that all CPA and attorney traditionalists will have to add to their skill set.
Chan is a colorful, charismatic leader with a penchant for pushing the envelope and thinking outside the box.
The performance of the network has been outstanding, and their thinking outside the box and can-do attitude have been valuable to us.
Thinking outside the box, Bertoldo has even sent invitations stuffed in bottles for a sailing party.
Hackers and attackers are always thinking outside the box and security vendors and implementers must start doing the same.
Helping Dallara got Zine wondering if maybe we started thinking outside the box on this citywide problem, we could help thousands of people living on streets with sidewalks that resemble Mr.
The success at these charter schools shows what happens when one discards stale concepts and begins thinking outside the box.