Cytology A proprietary system–Cytec, Inc, in which specimens are obtained with a special fluid collection system and the slides for cytologic examination are spread in one-cell-thick layers. See thin prep.
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Even though the method described resulted in substantially improved cell capture, in our clinical practice we still occasionally encounter cases in which we fail to obtain a cellular cell block despite ample cellularity in the needle rinse, as confirmed by a matched ThinPrep slide, which might be related to the specifics of a particular sample or to unavoidable human factors involved in the multistep manual process of cell block preparation.
Gen-Probe contributed USD 160.4 million to the result, which was partly mitigated by the lower sales generated by ThinPrep, another subsidiary of the diagnostic developer.
to use the ThinPrep Pap test, which is used to screen women for cervical cancer.
Were they traditional Pap smears or did a number of the study physicians or labs begin using ThinPrep during the study period?
Samples for CPTs and LBCC (ThinPrep Pap Test, Cytyc Corporation, Boxborough, Mass) were collected using a plastic Ayre spatula and cytobrush (Medscand, North Hollywood, Fla).
Diane Davey, director of cytopathology at the University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, said that the AutoCyte slide preparation process is slightly different from the process used with ThinPrep, "but the end result [with both] is a cleaner, more uniform sample." Whether AutoCyte increases detection of high-grade SIL or cancers over the conventional method is not yet clear, she said.
Among the different LBC systems, ThinPrep (TP; Hologic Co., Marlborough, Massachusetts) and SurePath (Becton, Dickinson, and Company, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey) are the most common methods used for both gynecologic and nongynecologic material.
Testing is performed from ThinPrep liquid cytology specimens routinely used for Pap testing.
With a focus on women's health, Cytyc is reaching beyond the ThinPrep Pap test franchise to address breast cancer, excessive menstrual bleeding and, perhaps soon, premature labor and deliveries.
It further states that "currently, laboratories are increasingly using thin-layer technology (ThinPrep Pap Test by Cytyc Corp.)." While Cytec does offer a thin-layer collection and preparation option, TriPath also offers an FDA-approved thin-layer collection and preparation.
HPV testing represents a potential clinical advance, in that it can be done once, combined with Thinprep technology, and potentially reduce patients' anxiety and the cost of follow-up visits.
All Pap tests were performed with 1 of the 2 liquid-based methods, in accordance with the preference of the referring practitioner: ThinPrep (Hologic, Madison, Wisconsin) and SurePath (Becton Dickinson, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey).