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Antiseptic used topically and as a preservative in vaccine preparations.


A mercurial antiseptic often used to sterilize eye drops and other solutions.

thimerosal, thiomersal, thiomersalate

a mercury-containing compound used as a local antibacterial agent in the form of the tincture. Used also as a preservative in pharmaceutical preparations. Known as Merthiolate.
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Several scientific studies have thrown doubt on any connection between thimerosol and autism.
The potential role for Hg in the disease process gains some support from the possible, yet controversial, link between Thimerosol, a mercury containing preservative in the vaccines.
Obscene amounts of thimerosol injected into babies can be blamed for triggering autistic symptoms in many of these children, but what can explain the susceptibility factor?
Thimerosol, a mercury compound, is an ingredient that prevents bacteria and fungi from contaminating vaccines.
Thimerosol, a mercury compound, is used as a preservative in hepatitis B, diphtheria, pertussis and acellular pertussis, tetanus and HIB vaccines.