Thiersch, Karl

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Karl, German surgeon, 1822-1895.
Ollier-Thiersch graft - Synonym(s): Ollier graft
Thiersch canaliculi - minute channels in newly formed reparative tissue.
Thiersch graft - Synonym(s): Ollier graft
Thiersch graft operation - Synonym(s): Thiersch operation
Thiersch implant
Thiersch knife
Thiersch medium split free graft
Thiersch method
Thiersch operation - the application of a partial thickness skin graft. Synonym(s): Thiersch graft operation
Thiersch prosthesis
Thiersch suture
Thiersch thin split free graft
Thiersch wire
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Encirclement is the other procedure known as Thiersch operation. Artificial sphincter is not so successful as foreign body usually gets infected.