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the univalent radical -SH.
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sulf·hy·dryl (SH),

The radical -SH; contained in glutathione, cysteine, coenzyme A, and lipoamide (all in the reduced state), and in mercaptans (R-SH).
Synonym(s): thiel
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(SH) (sŭlf-hī'dril)
The radical -SH; contained in glutathione, cysteine, coenzyme A, lipoamide (all in the reduced state), and in mercaptans (R-SH).
Synonym(s): sulph-hydryl.
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Calling Thiel a great and brilliant guy Trump assured his suggestions will get the deserved attention.
As the board and management are now initiating a review of the long-term financial targets, which will be communicated during autumn 2019, MIPS' current CEO Thiel and the board consider it to be an appropriate timing to execute a planned succession of the company's leadership.
Thiel thought the key to success involved companies minimising how much tax they spend (a key to Amazon's success); allowing the sharing of content without concerning yourself with copyright (as YouTube did); outpacing or buying the competition (Facebook's two billion members removes the need for many more social networks); growing so fast that regulation has, so far, been unable to keep up.
With this year's award, Aparna joins the elite crypto community's most notable Thiel Fellow- Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who received the Fellowship in 2014.
We are in the process of operating the met towers," Thiel said while qualifying that equipment had been deployed "so we can capture some of the radiation and for us to determine how feasible it is to do the solar site."
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Abeona Therapeutics, a rare genetic disease focused biopharma, has named Carsten Thiel as its new chief executive officer, it was reported on Friday.
With offices in New York and San Diego, Artivest will remain privately held by employees and outside investors, led by Aquiline Capital Partners, Genstar Capital, KKR, and Thiel Capital.
We consider that 100% food nutrients are superior to others that are more commonly used (Thiel R.
In January, New Zealanders were surprised to discover that Peter Thiel, the billionaire PayPal co-founder and Donald Trump adviser whose libertarian proclivities and social quirks were lampooned on HBO's Silicon Valley, had quietly become one of them during a 2011 ceremony in Santa Monica, California.
For the 20 students who win a Thiel Fellowship each year, with funding and mentoring provided by PayPal founder and venture capitalist Peter Thiel, this is reality.
Among these solutions is the one created in 1992 by anatomist Walter Thiel. His fixation method involves preserving the body with natural colors through intravascular injection of a solution and subsequent immersion in a second solution for a determined amount of time, allowing the cadaver to be stored in a sealed container, outside the tank, without preservation fluid.