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Kim, "Flame detection algorithm using adaptive threshold in thermal video," Korea Society of Satellite Technology (KOSST), pp.
We also used Lepton (FLIR, USA) [4] as a thermal camera and Omnivision (Omnivision, USA) [5] as a RGB camera to obtain thermal videos and red, green, and blue (RGB) videos.
Thermal video demonstrated a 15% improvement in detection rate over visible light cameras.
Thermal video has been used successfully for night-time pedestrian detection, an area of particular importance because pedestrians maybe less visible to drivers at night and are therefore at a greater risk of collision [12].
We then applied the motion segmentation to a 2-second segment of the "train station video," the "thermal video," and the "winterstreet video." The results are shown, respectively, in the videos of Figures 17, 18, and 19 (see Supplementary Videos S9a and S9b, S10a and S10b, and S11a and S11b, resp., for full videos).
Caption: Figure 18: Segmentation of moving people in the "thermal video" based on detected motion.
Grants Pass, OR, April 19, 2014 --( is now in business and provides quality thermal video cameras.
Thermal videos of the soil surface were recorded with an Optris PI-160 portable infrared video camera (Optris GmbH, Germany) with an optical resolution of 160 x 120 pixels, a thermal resolution of 0.1[degrees]C, an accuracy of [+ or -]2%, a frame rate of 100 Hz, and a lens with a view field of 23[degrees] x 17[degrees] and focal length of 10 mm.
Soil surface thermal videos were recorded with the infrared camera throughout the experiments.
To verify real-time operations of the proposed block-based simple flame detection algorithm, 10 IR thermal videos and a real-time DSP board were used to test the algorithm, as shown in Fig.
For comparison of correct-detection performance and real-time processing capability, pixel-based flame detection algorithm based on the proposed algorithm was tested using same 10 IR thermal videos and a real-time DSP board.