Terri Schiavo

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A woman who suffered an anoxic insult in 1990, fell into a persistent vegetative state and was kept alive for the next 15 years while her husband fought to have her removed from life support and her parents fought to maintain it
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Their daughter, Theresa Marie Schindler, was born nearly a year later on December 3, 1963, followed closely by son Robert, "Bobby," on January 6, 1965, and daughter Suzanne on April 17, 1968.
Judge Greer's errors were compounded when a Florida appeals court restated the legal issue to its liking: The court must decide "whether Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo after ten years in a persistent vegetative state with no hope of medical cure would choose to continue the constant nursing care and the supporting tubes , or whether she would wish to permit a natural death process to take its course and for her family members and loved ones to be free to continue their lives" (from a quote by Eric Cohen, see above).