Therapeutic Alliance

A collaborative relationship between a person with suicidal ideation and a therapist
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This article proposes a very specific pathway for bringing career counseling back into mainstream counseling psychology: more explicit research and clinical attention to the therapeutic alliance. The author hopes that this abbreviated review on the alliance serves as an impetus for increased attention to the alliance in career counseling theory, research, and practice as well as for including training in alliance formation and strengthening in career counselor education and supervision.
The therapeutic alliance formed as a result of prior confidentiality can help facilitate appropriate disclosure.
Relationships among patient and therapist ratings of therapeutic alliance and patient assessments of therapeutic process: a study of cognitive therapy with long-term mentally ill patients.
In such circumstances, there is little opportunity for (or need for?) development of a therapeutic alliance between doctor and patient.
For example, clients who are willing to disclose past and present psychiatric symptoms have a higher potential for forming a therapeutic alliance (Rosenberg & Kesselman, 1993).
Additionally, I am less than confident in an officer's understanding of the stages of change model and the importance of a working therapeutic alliance. In fact, anyone who has been pulled over by a police officer will readily acknowledge experiencing emotionality incongruent with that which is necessary to establish a therapeutic alliance.
The relationship between the nonspecific factors of therapeutic alliance and motivation with outcome has been demonstrated across treatment modalities, and specifically in the treatment of alcohol dependence.
(1994) suggested that in addition to a therapeutic alliance, career counseling clients expect specific career information.
Studies which tested varying client-therapist demographic characteristics and a range of therapeutic approaches also showed that the therapeutic alliance was positively associated with posttherapy outcomes (Gelso & Carter, 1985; Hartley, 1984; Hartley & Strupp, 1983; Kiesler & Watkins, 1989; Luborsky & Auerbach, 1985).
Several weeks later, we had begun to build a strong therapeutic alliance in our sessions.
Through technology and innovative design, the Snoezelen room is a controlled multi-sensory environment that helps to create a therapeutic alliance between the client and Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) as well as a safe place to develop life skills.
It describes the theoretical and conceptual principles underlying the therapy and its implementation, including the fluid vulnerability theory of suicide and its embedded notion of the suicidal mode, core principles and strategies for establishing an effective therapeutic alliance with suicidal patients, suicide risk assessment and documentation, monitoring treatment progress, and an overview of the therapy, including issues of substance use and psychotropic medication use; the first session of the therapy; and procedures and interventions for phases related to emotion regulation and crisis management, undermining the suicidal belief system, and relapse prevention.