therapeutic recreation

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recreational therapy

A treatment philosophy and format used for patients with mental or physical conditions or injuries to improve or maintain functionality, self-confidence, socialisation and a sense of well-being.

Hobbies, athletic activities, performance of or listening to music, watching films, or listening to lectures.
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therapeutic recreation

A specialized field within recreation whose specialists plan and direct recreational activities for patients recovering from physical or mental illness or who are attempting to cope with a permanent or temporary disability.
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An anonymous and confidential Qualtrics online questionnaire (IRB approved) was emailed to 6,500 active CTRSs through the National Council on Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC).
Therapeutic recreation provides many health and quality-of-life benefits for nursing home residents, particularly those with dementia.
The Therapeutic Recreation Program at Blythedale Children's Hospital will be enriched thanks to a $25,000 donation from The Louis R.
UNH also hosts the Northeast Passage, a program that provides new opportunities for disabled students to enjoy the outdoors as a central part of UNH's Therapeutic Recreation program option.
Finally, the therapeutic recreation staff has the task of assisting the other disciplines by defining problematic behaviors and recommending interventions.
Leisure and family functioning in adoptive families: Implications for therapeutic recreation. Therapeutic Recreation Journal, 37(1), 73-93.
An opportunity to explore the worth of recreation in corrections was created when a therapeutic recreation specialist, an alumnus of the University of Northern Colorado, invited students enrolled in a required senior-level recreation evaluation class to visit her facility.
When Martin and Diane Bixler, Marianwood's therapeutic recreation coordinator, suggested it to me, my first reaction was, "You've got to be kidding!" But they were completely serious.
Paul's Hospital to end its Therapeutic Recreation and Expressive Arts Program is part of a disturbing trend toward eliminating programs that improve health outcomes and quality of life, therapists say.
The second section examines the evolution of group work and community recreation programs for youth, as well as therapeutic recreation, its programs and its impact on at-risk youth.
Higgins is a certified therapeutic recreation specialist working as an independent consultant in Ohio; she is currently working on several international exchange and disability projects for Mobility International USA (MIUSA).
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