Therapeutic Magnet

A magnet claimed by per its purveyors to impart any of a number of purported benefits—despite a lack of data—including improvements in muscle strength, grip strength, lifespan, bloodflow, and vitality, treatment of fibromyalgia, management of low back pain, and prevention of cancer, among others
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The core products include therapeutic magnet products and specialty pillows.
We plan to market these B III therapeutic magnet products through infomercials starring Joe Namath.
LCS Golf's second acquisition, Mister B III is a Hialeah, Florida-based developer, manufacturer and distributor of therapeutic magnet products.
Additionally, the full lines of therapeutic magnets of Mister B III are offered as well.
Joe will be endorsing the Company's line of therapeutic magnet products in a series of infomercials.
OTC BB:RIMC) announced today they have formed an alliance with Sobakawa to market the Sobakawa therapeutic magnet product line with the patented BIOflex(R) concentric circle magnets through direct response infomercials.
Namath will be featured in an infomercial where he will represent and endorse the therapeutic magnet products of Mister B III.
In particular, due diligence is being done on Mister B III, a Hialeah, Florida-based developer, manufacturer and distributor of home health and therapeutic magnet products.
Two of the models are no-flip models, and the Magna Dreams model is a bed with therapeutic magnets sewn into the surface.
Therapeutic magnets range from 200 to more than 10,000 gauss.
Bionova Medical, a new company, unveiled a mattress implanted with therapeutic magnets.
com , has developed a new brand of therapeutic magnets which has successfully stopped pain relief in thousands of patients.
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