Therapeutic Magnet

A magnet claimed by per its purveyors to impart any of a number of purported benefits—despite a lack of data—including improvements in muscle strength, grip strength, lifespan, bloodflow, and vitality, treatment of fibromyalgia, management of low back pain, and prevention of cancer, among others
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Two of the models are no-flip models, and the Magna Dreams model is a bed with therapeutic magnets sewn into the surface.
Therapeutic magnets range from 200 to more than 10,000 gauss.
Bionova Medical, a new company, unveiled a mattress implanted with therapeutic magnets. The more conventional bedding companies promoted their own versions of the popular no-flip mattress, and Ther-A-Pedic went one better with a no-flip that has a cooling/warming layer of wool near the surface.
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