Therapeutic Exception

An exception to the need for informed consent—not just consent, but properly informed consent—which ostensibly allows a doctor to withhold information from a patient out of concern that full disclosure might psychologically harm the patient and thus imperil the patient’s physical health or when full delineation of a procedure’s details might cause a patient to forego an operation that the doctor believes is in the patient’s best interest or his/her only option for improved quality of life and/or survival
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"Therapeutic exception" rules allow information to be withheld under unusual circumstances when there is clear evidence of harm that would come from informing a patient, it is likely that treatments of proven benefit could be consented to by family members, and those that are not helpful or are potentially harmful could be refused using this exception with a culturally-based justification.
As more states rightly consider how to sensibly protect children from a known carcinogen, ultraviolet light, they would do well to consider therapeutic exceptions.

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