(tā′ə-rĕl′), Axel Hugo Theodor 1903-1982.
Swedish biochemist. He won a 1955 Nobel Prize for research on the oxidation of enzymes.
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Kesashly and Jagatic (2000) Argued that the employee's dissatisfaction leads by the poor supervision moreover, according to the (Karasek and Theorell, 2013) dissatisfaction of the employees work not only leads by the poor supervision but employees turnover is also the reason.
We assessed job strain based on the Swedish version of the Karasek and Theorell demand-decision latitude questionnaire (Agardh et al.
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Le modele demande-controle-soutien de Karasek et Theorell (16) a ete utilise pour tenter de comprendre comment les conditions de travail peuvent avoir un impact sur la sante mentale.
Mas aun, las consecuencias pueden afectar al trabajador mas alla del ambito estrictamente laboral, como lo muestran diversos estudios de problemas medicos y psicologicos, tales como trastornos psicosomaticos, problemas cardiovasculares, sintomas de depresion y ansiedad o un mayor riesgo de cometer intentos de suicidio o de autolesiones (Harenstam, Palm, & Theorell, 1988; Harvey, 2014; Sui et al.
Santavirt, Solovieva, & Theorell (2007) and Grayson (2008) performed a regression analysis to estimate the separate and joint effects of the work demands made by superiors and the level of autonomy in decision making on emotional exhaustion.
For example, in the Swedish 'The Magic of Language' research project (Olsson, Dahlberg, & Theorell, 2016) they noticed how preschool children carried, read, wrote, drew and even chewed books.
Robert Karasek's theory predicted that the most stressed workers will be those whose jobs place the demands on them while allowing them very little control over meeting expectations (Karasek, 1979; Karasek and Theorell, 1990; Baker, 1985).
Studies on territorial behavior in open offices have focused on negative outcomes such as increasing distraction and conflict (Ayoko, Ashkanasy & Jehn, 2009; Danielsson, Bodin, Wulff& Theorell, 2015).
D'autres etudes de moindre ampleur ont abouti a de semblables conclusions (Wikstrom, Theorell & Sandstrom, 1993; Goff, 1993; Limentani, 1995; McFadden, Franck & Dysert, 2008).