Theodore Kaczynski

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The Unabomber. A Harvard graduate, cum Berkeley professor of mathematics, who became a hermit in Montana, from which he sent mail bombs to various representatives of what he perceived as an excessively high-tech society—causing 3 deaths and 23 injuries—before being caught, convicted and handed multiple life sentences to be served in federal prison
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A year and a half after a shaggy recluse stepped out of a Montana cabin and ended one of the most remarkable manhunts in American history, Theodore J.
April 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Evidence which lead to the recent arrest of suspected Unabomber Theodore J.
Barely a month has passed since his arrest, but Unabomber suspect Theodore J.
The blast, which killed Murray as he opened a package that arrived in the mail, was the last attributed to the Unabomber whom federal investigators believe is Theodore J.
The current hubbub only involves a small group - bomb suspect Theodore J.