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Max, South African microbiologist in the U.S. and Nobel laureate, 1899-1972. See: Theiler virus.
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Homologacion de los estadios de Theiler (TS) con los estadios embrionarios (E).
In another example, Porter, Theiler, and Hush (2013) break down the interactive machine-learning process into three dimensions: task decomposition (defining the level of coordination and division of labor between the end user and the machine learner), training vocabulary (defining the type of input end users can provide the machine learner), and the training dialogue (defining the level and frequency of interaction between the end user and the learner).
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Agri Beef's investment in the new grind operation allows us to offer complete production for our brands and fulfill our commitment to efficient supply chain management," says Jay Theiler, executive director of marketing.
Increased susceptibility to disease can be attributed to an immunologic modulation away from cell-mediated immunity towards humoral immunity (Jamieson, Theiler, & Rasmussen, 2006).
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Another explanation is different friction coefficients in the area of adhesion and the area of slip (static kinematic friction coefficient)--does not seem to influence sufficiently the shape of the slip force curve (Ohyama 1989; Nielsen, Theiler 1996).
Theiler y Lippman (1995) investigan la practica mental y su repercusion en la interpretacion a traves de instrumentos como la guitarra y la voz.
Age of the embryos was determined according to the staging criteria of Theiler, in which E16 correspond to Theiler stage 24 (Bard et al.