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Max, South African microbiologist in the U.S. and Nobel laureate, 1899-1972. See: Theiler virus.
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"We believe that we can get a lot of folks through the land, and the wait won't be unmanageable," Theiler said.
"Hapa is focusing on the pharmaceutical and medical industry with UV DoD inks," said Theiler. "Inks for food and other application specialties are also among our interests.
The 2 other flaviviruses of horses are Theiler's disease-associated virus (TDAV) and equine pegivirus (EPgV), both members of the Pegivirus genus (14).
"According to recent studies, the butcher is the second 1 most trusted position in the grocery store behind the pharmacist," says Theiler of Agri Beef.
Regan Theiler has received funding from Bayer for unrelated research.
"We wanted to create a facility that was more than a dining center," says Katie Theiler, director of marketing and communications for university housing and dining.
"One of the biggest trends we've witnessed from both the sales side and consumer preferences has been the shift away from a commodity product and towards a higher-end, branded product," says Jay Theiler, executive director of marketing at Agri Beef Co.
Janet Theiler, aged in her 60s, was fatally injured when her bike collided with a trailer on the outskirts of Killarney, Co Kerry, on May 30.
With respect to the moderating effect of level of expertise, past research has shown mental practice to be beneficial to both novices and experts (Feltz & Landers, 1983; Theiler & Lippman, 1995), with novices benefiting the most from mental practice in the early stages of learning (Lutz, McBride, & Rothstein, 1979).
Craig Cornwell, Billy Szeto, Jeff Theiler, and Sam Vichattu join as Vice Presidents reporting to Kirsten (Didi) Hakes, head of the Small Business Administration Lending group.