Friedrich W., German anatomist, 1801-1879. See: Theile canal, Theile glands, Theile muscle.
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Attorneys for plaintiff: John Kassel and Theile McVey of Kassel McVey in Columbia
Fished for its meat and shell, the species makes up the second largest Caribbean fishery; its export trade is valued at 60 million US dollars (Theile 2003) and is only exceeded by the spiny lobster Panulirus argus (Brownell & Stevely 1981).
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Charlotte Theile, Switzerland based correspondent for a German daily
Hallett, Gruber, Lushka, Henle and other authors also considered muscles with similar characteristics to those described by the authors cited previously (Wood) to be variations of the omohyoid muscle, whereas Theile, considered a muscle that ran from the first costal cartilage to the base of the coracoid process in a male corpse as a variation of the serratus anterior muscle (Wood).
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