Johann C.A., German surgeon, 1714-1797. See: Theden method.
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Philipp Theden, hitherto the CEO of cct AG, has joined the management board of Pyrolyx AG.
Iffamilies want to use it primarily as a family PC in theden, but occasionally move it to a child's room for quietconcentration when doing homework, it's easy to do so.
True, everyone carries a handheld device and Lux, a life management app, is used to make almost every decision but one choice Rory did not need Lux for was her application to Theden Academy.
Owners Christian and Ina Krug first teamed up with German architect Moritz Theden to transform a traditional Moroccan riad into an intimate six-room hotel.
If you are old enough to recall the crashes and bums of TheDen and, then you must join me in smirking at the current mania for Web video.