theca folliculi

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 [the´kah] (L.)
a case or sheath. adj., adj the´cal.
theca cor´dis pericardium.
theca folli´culi an envelope of condensed connective tissue surrounding a vesicular ovarian follicle; it is composed of an internal vascular layer (theca interna) and an external fibrous layer (theca externa).
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the·ca fol·lic·'u·li

the wall of a vesicular ovarian follicle.
See also: tunica externa, tunica interna thecae folliculi.
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the·ca fol·lic·u·li

(thē'kă fŏ-lik'yū-lī)
The wall of a vesicular ovarian follicle.
See also: tunica externa
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Gal-1 was intensely expressed in the ovarian stroma, including the interstitial glands and theca interna, and in the corpus luteum.
(39-42) Histologic examination revealed that the vascular density in the theca interna of follicles in VEGF-treated ovaries increased two-fold compared with that in untreated ovaries.
In conclusion, our study showed that miRNAs have played an important role in insulin action in local ovarian theca interna. And the downregulation of miR-92a and miR-92b might lead to augmentation of signal transduction in both androgen pathway and insulin pathway.
Microscopic examination reveals well-circumscribed nodules of steroid hormone-producing cells, intermediate in size between luteinized granulosa cells and luteinized theca interna cells.
This capsule consists of two concentric layers of cells: an outer theca externa and an inner theca interna. The inner layer is supplied with capillaries and contains endocrine cells.
It has been suggested that hyperinsulinemia and luteinizing hormone together could induce the changes that lead to polycystic ovary morphology, such as ovarian stroma and theca interna hyperplasia, and could contribute to menstrual dysfunction in adolescent girls, she said.
Microscopic appearance shows a cyst lined by inner granulose cell layer and outer theca interna cell layer.
The influence of the hormonal status of swine related to the stage of the oestrous cycle on adiponectin expression in corpora lutea, granulosa, and theca interna cells remains unknown.
Moreover, nicotine has been shown to inhibit the induction of progesterone synthesis in cumulus cells by FSH and the production of other androgens by theca interna cells (14).
The thecal cells form two distinct layers: a richly vascularized inner layer of endocrine cells (theca interna) separated from a connective tissue layer (theca externa) by a fibrous capsule.
Characterization of dissimilar steroid productions by granulosa, theca interna and theca externa cells during follicular maturation in the turkey (Meleagris gallopavo).
(7,8) In addition, part of the renal tubule, spermatogonia and Leydig cells of the testis, ova, theca externa, and theca interna of the corpus luteum of ovary also expressed PGP9.5.