theca folliculi

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 [the´kah] (L.)
a case or sheath. adj., adj the´cal.
theca cor´dis pericardium.
theca folli´culi an envelope of condensed connective tissue surrounding a vesicular ovarian follicle; it is composed of an internal vascular layer (theca interna) and an external fibrous layer (theca externa).
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the·ca fol·lic·'u·li

the wall of a vesicular ovarian follicle.
See also: tunica externa, tunica interna thecae folliculi.
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the·ca fol·lic·u·li

(thē'kă fŏ-lik'yū-lī)
The wall of a vesicular ovarian follicle.
See also: tunica externa
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They have shown that ERK1/2 phosphorylation is decreased in PCOS theca cells compared to normal theca cells and that CYP17 mRNA and androgen synthesis are increased in PCOS theca cells.
After incubation, the theca cells were stored at -20[degrees]C.
This study demonstrates a reduction in inhibin-[beta]A expression during the transition of primary follicles to the secondary stage, and its increase in mural granulosa / theca cell complexes during the development of antral follicles.
It was demonstrated by Knight and Glister that growing oocytes, granulosa cells (GCs), a basement membrane, and theca cells (TCs), as well as blood capillaries, are involved in the process of follicle-oocyte crosstalk that includes small metabolite transition [2].
Rare theca cells were seen scattered in between the neoplastic granulosa cells.
Immunolocalization of [alpha]-TNF: Considering the importance of the expression of TNF-[alpha] in stimulating, proliferation and steroidogenesis in the ovarian follicle theca cells, this study examined the expression levels of TNF-[alpha], in pre-antral and antral follicles which were observed in the granulosa layer in PCOS ovaries.
The increased LH successively promotes theca cell androgens production, while the relative FSH deficiency interferes with granulosa cell aromatization to estrogens and impairs follicle maturation and ovulation (7).
3Rd, Guffey TA, Malkasian GD et al: Clinicopathologic review of 118 granulosa and 82 theca cell tumours.
In parallel with other assessments in this study, steroid hormones (E2 and P4) were used as a marker of granulosa and theca cell function and data showed the steroidogenic pathways were present and increased during the in vitro culture of ovarian tissue in the presence of BMP15 and FSH.
Evidence for direct effects of glyphosate on ovarian function: Glyphosate influences steroidogenesis and proliferation of bovine granulosa but not theca cells in vitro.
(9,) (12,) (31) The IGF-1 is a growth hormone that stimulates GC proliferation by regulating DNA replication in theca cells and GCs.
Zona radiate were irregular in appearance, theca cells were slightly enlarged and basal membrane disintegrated (Fig.