Movie Sign

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An often bilateral knee stiffness and pain which occurs after prolonged sitting in patients with patellofemoral joint pain, which the patient tries to address by periodically trying to straighten his/her leg
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The curtain soon fell, though, revealing a spectacular stage set of old–school lights, topped by a vintage theatre sign with their name on it above their heads.
IN DEMAND: Signing for fans FUTURE'S BRIGHT: Theatre sign NIGHT OF TRIUMPH James and cast enjoy their opening-night standing ovation SLAPSTICK: James gets a grip
THE original glass Belgrade Theatre sign was replaced in 1960 after it started to fade as a result of weather conditions.
In these two cases, it manifested itself in a theatre sign that said, Follie's and it looked as if it had been there a considerable time.
Outside, a seven-story replica of the old Broadway Theatre sign will be placed.
The plethora of hanging signs over sidewalks was a threat to personal safety, while moral safety was compromised by lurid theatre signs and ads for alcohol and tobacco.