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A popular term for severe stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery, so named as its acute occlusion is classically associated with sudden death in (married) middle-aged men
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On July 28, he uploaded a picture of a rifle called "widow maker," and captioned it "This is the Widow Maker.
In 2010, he wrecked his first catamaran - Mischief - by trying to ride a towering wave known to locals as the Widow Maker.
However, the adrenaline was pumping again next morning when I joined the Rainbow Riders white water rafting group at a point called the Widow Maker on the Kananaskis River.
Below, white water rafting at the Widow Maker on the Kananaskis River
The Widow Maker Hen features a solid, two-piece metal step stake and bungee system for realistic movement on windy days and every decoy comes with its own carry bag with shoulder straps.
The Widow Maker, MiGs and even a nuclear bomber are now in private hands and flown for fun
In those two decades, the center has serviced more than 300 studio and indie features including "The Right Stuff," "Blue Velvet," "Ed Wood," "Good Will Hunting," "Boogie Nights," "Rushmore," "The Deep End," "Ghost World" and "K-19: The Widow Maker.
Then he'll star with Harrison Ford in a new blockbuster called K19, The Widow Maker, which sees the two stars as Russian Navy commanders, desperately trying to save a stricken nuclear sub.
And tragically, this has been literally the case with this beauty which has been dubbed the Widow Maker.
THE wife of soldier Martin Spooner, stranded for four days on a mountain dubbed the Widow Maker, hugged him as he arrived home yesterday and begged: Don't go back.
SEA DRAMA: The Russian submarine which will be used in the making of K-19, The Widow Maker and, inset, the film's stars Liam Neeson and Harrison Ford
He was one of the nine-strong squad which set out to climb the mountain, known as the Widow Maker.