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A popular term for severe stenosis of the left anterior descending coronary artery, so named as its acute occlusion is classically associated with sudden death in (married) middle-aged men
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The RNLI in Cornwall begged daredevil surfers not to tackle a huge wave nicknamed the Widow Maker, which is expected to hit our shores this weekend.
In Cornwall, the RNLI and coastguards have begged surfers not to tackle a giant wave known as the Widow Maker due this weekend.
The MIS Course: Remaking the Widow Maker. Interface: The Computer Education Quarterly, 19(3), 2-12.
Smith credited a doctor with saving his life after the 47-year-old "Clerks" filmmaker suffered a total blockage of his left coronary artery, often referred to as "the widow maker."
On July 28, he uploaded a picture of a rifle called "widow maker," and captioned it "This is the Widow Maker. Known for taking many miners lives from inhaling to [sic] much dust."
As it turned out, "I had a 95 percent blockage in an artery that supplies blood to a large area of the heart." (That artery has been called "the widow maker.") And the heart attack flipped her heart into an irregular rhythm.
When I was in gunsmithing school years ago at the Colorado School of Trades, this gun was known as "the widow maker!" I would strongly encourage you to keep looking for a more suitable project gun.
In 2010, he wrecked his first catamaran - Mischief - by trying to ride a towering wave known to locals as the Widow Maker.
However, the adrenaline was pumping again next morning when I joined the Rainbow Riders white water rafting group at a point called the Widow Maker on the Kananaskis River.
Doctors call it "The Widow Maker." Journalists deem it a "top killer." And patients--well, they really don't have a nickname for it.
Times in 2002, a series with Alan Miller about a military aircraft dubbed "The Widow Maker." Sack also won a Pulitzer Prize for his part in the New York Times' 2000 series called "How Race Is Lived in America."
The Widow Maker Hen features a solid, two-piece metal step stake and bungee system for realistic movement on windy days and every decoy comes with its own carry bag with shoulder straps.--Jay Strangis