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A ‘grey zone’ that exists when base pairs from different DNA sequences, or amino acids from different proteins, are compared to determine the degree of sequence similarity—‘homology’; the twilight zone is that degree of sequence similarity in which it is uncertain whether the molecules being compared are or are not related. The term is derived from the US television show of the same name.
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Such regrettable mistakes downgrade Philosophy in The Twilight Zone from an indispensable collection to a significant contribution to Zone scholarship.
LOS ANGELES -- UPN has given a full season order to the Wednesday night sci-fi anthology THE TWILIGHT ZONE, it was announced today by Dawn Ostroff, President, Entertainment, UPN.
The creative strength of THE TWILIGHT ZONE stems from the combination of quality writing and fantastic guest stars, and by pairing it with ENTERPRISE, UPN has created a solid night of out-of-this world programming," said Ostroff.
LOS ANGELES -- UPN will feature the world premiere of a special two-minute theatrical trailer that will include never-before-seen footage of the highly-anticipated feature film "Star Trek: Nemesis," on Wednesday, September 18, the night of the second season premiere of UPN's number-one drama series ENTERPRISE (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) and the series premiere of UPN's modern incarnation of THE TWILIGHT ZONE (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT), hosted by Forest Whitaker.
Each story regularly presents known actors as ordinary people in beyond-extraordinary situations as they enter the sometimes frightening, often intriguing, but always suspenseful and surprising world of The Twilight Zone.
The couple literally took "the plunge" on The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror(TM), the newest attraction at Disney-MGM Studios that takes guests into "The Twilight Zone" before sending them on a 13-story, faster-than-freefall elevator plunge.
It seemed obvious to us that the first stop on a journey into the Twilight Zone would be the mysterious 13th floor," Sprout says.