La Barra

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A form of torture which consists of tying the victim’s wrists with the ankles while keeping the knees completely flexed. A rod is passed under the knees and in front of the elbows, and the victim is then suspended by raising the rod
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So the old woman had to strike again three times upon the ground with the rod, and the next morning the garden was there.
If I could only get the rod hidden," thought he, and began gently shifting it to get it alongside of him; "willowtrees don't throw out straight hickory shoots twelve feet long, with no leaves, worse luck.
Tree'd at last," thinks Tom, making no answer, and keeping as close as possible, but working away at the rod, which he takes to pieces.
Thank 'ee, Velveteens; I'm very comfortable," said Tom, shortening the rod in his hand, and preparing for battle.
Tom was flogged next morning, and a few days afterwards met Velveteens, and presented him with half a crown for giving up the rod claim, and they became sworn friends; and I regret to say that Tom had many more fish from under the willow that May-fly season, and was never caught again by Velveteens.
Now the figure of the glorious woman held a rod in either hand, and the rod in her right hand was white and of ivory, and the rod in her left hand was black and of ebony.
Then she, the Inkosazana, pointed with the rod of ivory to the gates of ivory; but still they stood before her, not moving.
This process causes a slight deviation in the material that results in softer and stiffer sides to the rod blank, and is commonly referred to as the spine.
After the handful of choice words (or many handfuls) and childish tantrum us men tend to throw when this happens, it's time to get the rod fixed.
I hid my disappointment and the rod turned out to be a delight.
Then, when you pull out the rod, check for the swab holder.
This year marks the 25th anniversary of the first presentation of the Rod Leyburn Memorial Trophy.