Red Devil

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A regional term for a neuropharmacologic depressant or PCP
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Lookers COO Nigel McMinn (centre bottom) with instructors from the Red Devils
In addition to displays, the Red Devils also help to raise more than PS500,000 for charity each year by carrying out tandem skydives with members of the public.
Or perhaps by the time you read this it will have been announced the Red Devils are going to play rugby union from now on.
To watch the adding of poo into injury of the Red Devils, watch below:
Caton-Brown's break set up the chance for Rangi Chase's opening try with Fages creating Matty Ashurst's touchdown to give the Red Devils a 12-4 interval lead.
One of the Red Devils descended clutching a cricket ball and handed it to the teams on the pitch to herald the start of play.
Sneyd has been outstanding for Castleford - but the Red Devils insist he will return to them at the end of the year.
Summary: CAIRO - Hossam el-Badri, Al-Ahly's new technical coach, is delighted to have come to an agreement to coach the Red Devils for two seasons, stressing that returning to Ahly is a big challenge.
The Red Devils are suffering the fall-out from a home loss to Blackburn, followed by a 3-0 defeat at Newcastle.
Dubai The British Ambassador to the UAE took a giant leap for charity yesterday when he took part in a skydive over Dubai with the Red Devils parachute display team.
THE Red Devils bowling team, captained by veteran Bahraini Shaker Daraj, rose to the top of the standings in the Bahrain Kuwait Insurance Company (BKIC) Peterson Bowling League following a 52-8 triumph over the Woodpeckers squad at the Bapco Club bowling centre in Awali.