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n an image of the illness. The concept that a comprehensive consideration of an illness and the individual should be used to treat malaise. See also clinical picture, symptom picture, disease picture, and drug picture.
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With these features in mind, when evaluating artistic conventions, it is important to consider the way the pictures are presented as well as the way an artist uses colors and lines.
It would depend on the particular point I want to make, and the context in which I would use the picture.
In the picture book Bigmamas, the mother and four children enter into a warm and active family environment which is rural: a farm home, located in time for us by the horse and wagon, open well, wind-up Victrola, pedal-powered sewing machine, and a car license reading "Florida 1949.
Sources for both the plaintiffs and the defense in the civil trial said there likely would be no legal barrier to introducing the pictures into evidence in midtrial, if the plaintiffs so choose.
Archery target with red slash: don't always put your subject in the center of the picture.
Web-based reporting lets department managers and other authorized parties generate their own reports without requiring access to the Picture Perfect security system.
The situation is incongruous, and to make it more so, one member of the executive quartet appears as a picture within the picture.
I am always desperately aware of the picture plane.
The KODAK Picture Maker family includes the following kiosks: the Picture Maker G3 Order Station LS; Picture Maker G3 Digital Station LS; Picture Maker G3 Print Station (available as both 24-inch and 36-inch screen models); and the new Film Processing Station accessory.
Inc, a pioneering leader in digital imaging products and services, today announced that it is working with Sprint (NYSE:FON) (NYSE:PCS) to enable its Picture Mail subscribers to choose retail photofinishing locations for prints of mobile phone pictures via Fujifilm's Get the Picture Online service.
Randall Emmett and George Furla of Emmett/Furla Films, along with Mark Walker and Delilah Walker of Renaissance Entertainment and Pierre Plater and Jeff Rice, will produce the picture.
Emmett/Furla Films' Randall Emmett and George Furla produced the picture alongside Rodney Omanoff and Jeff Rice.