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Aum (ä·ōōmˑ), 1. in Ayurveda, the subtle, noiseless cosmic vibration in which consciousness existed in the beginning, before the elements appeared. Also called
Om. 2. mantra seed syllable often used in meditation.
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Along the fringe of the two arcs of the Om, there are shack-and-cottage hotels that offer rooms for rent, with hammocks slung out in front of them.
Our scientific investigation, conducting within a running research project, was oriented towards identifying conceptual elements (possible situations, activities and goals to pursue by the OM developers) articulating BI to OM and completing thereby a new methodological framework aiming the capitalization of the cognitive acquis in the accounting and financial (AF) area through Organizational Memory--OMCCAAF.
Subject matter experts now had easier and timelier access across the OM program life cycle and, most important, an increased willingness to use an OM-related tool.
AWC is shown for a hypothetical 25 cm thick surface layer as the OM content increases.
In addition, once an opportunity is identified by the OM IPT, expect the team to become vocal promoters for that opportunity, if for no other reason than to show that its judgment was correct.
OM Energy's cutting-edge technology promises to contribute significantly to the hydrogen technology development," said Eric Van Der Kleij, the Dealmaker responsible for the OM Energy relationship, and one of the UK's government's leading dealmakers.
SwiftView offers state-of-the-art viewing technology, with advanced features like extraction of text strings and PCL indexing, and we are happy to be integrating it into the OM Plus PCL Viewer module," said Mike Visser, VP/GM of Plus Technologies.
The success of the OM network and the Nokia solution is clear: fifty per cent of OM's global network users are accessing the network remotely and the Nokia solution was the key driver in ensuring trustworthy authentication as part of OM's global access security policy.
Efkarpidis was the Controller of OM Technology where he oversaw the integration of TCAM Systems into the OM Group.
The parent company, OM AB is listed on the OM Stockholm Exchange.
Hagstromer & Qviberg will take over as sponsor in the trade of Aspiro's shares on the OM Stockholm Exchange's New Market.
The Board of Outokumpu Steel Oyj has today, for its part, approved the Exchange Offer Prospectus and decided to submit it to the OM Stockholm Stock Exchange and thereby apply for approval to commence the Exchange Offer, in which Avesta Sheffield shareholders will be offered to exchange their shares in Avesta Sheffield for shares in Outokumpu Steel.