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As defined by the US FBI, 'the unlawful use of force against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population or any segment thereof, in the furtherance of political or social objectives'
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The Oklahoma City bombing did not rise ex nihilo, but was an event having an historical and political lineage.
Disaster vultures" was the name given to overly enthusiastic mental health professionals who rushed into the scene at the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.
also of the university, and her associates focused on children more directly victimized by the Oklahoma City bombing.
Problems have appeared to increase since the Oklahoma City bombing.
In a speech to the Wisconsin state convention of USTP before the Oklahoma City bombing, he said: "We should do what thousands of people across this nation are doing.
For survivors of the Oklahoma City bombing and their families and neighbors, it was a community trauma transcending conventional political categories.
National Security and Emergency Preparedness enable the Government to make an immediate and coordinated response to all emergencies, whether caused by a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, an act of terrorism, such as the Oklahoma City bombing and the September 11th attacks, a man-made disaster, or a cyber attack.
It would improve the training and the ability of the dogs to do their jobs,'' said Teller, a veteran Los Angeles firefighter/paramedic who has used her dogs to search for victims of the Oklahoma City bombing, the 9-11 terrorist attacks of 2001, the La Conchita mudslide in 2005 and Hurricane Katrina last year.
Also excluded from the definition of terrorist acts are domestic or "home-grown" acts of terrorism, such as the Oklahoma City bombing.
In 1995, I attended the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) conference just a few miles from the site of the Oklahoma City bombing.
The Oklahoma City bombing was horrible, too, and the whole county was genuinely moved by it.
He has been consulted on many high profile incidents involving traumatized children, including the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine, Colorado, school shootings.