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No·bel Prize

(nō-bel' prīz),
Any one of a set of six annual international awards for extraordinary achievement; included are prizes in physics, chemistry, physiology, litrature, and medicine.
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The world’s most prestigious award, which honours those who have made a significant discovery or contribution to humanity. Except for an interruption by World War II, it has been given annually since 1901 for achievements in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and peace; it consists of a medal, a personal diploma, and prize money.
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Nobel Prize

An award given to a person who has provided seminal thought and work in a particular area of human endeavor and has been recognized for that work by the Nobel Prize committee of the Swedish Academy; NPs are awarded in Physiology or Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Peace, Economics
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Alfred B., Swedish chemist and philanthropist, 1833-1896.
nobelium (No) - an unstable transuranium element, atomic no. 102.
Nobel Prize - award to honor contributions to world peace, literature, economics, physiology, medicine, chemistry, and physics.
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Carl-Henrik Heldin, chairman of the board of the Nobel Foundation, said in a statement posted on Twitter that it supported the decision.
University present Marc Tessier-Lavigne said: "We're delighted the Nobel Foundation has recognised Ralph Steinman for his seminal discoveries concerning the body's immune responses.
Announcing this today, Acando said that the solution will be used by the Nobel Foundation to support its preparation of the Nobel Week, the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony and the Nobel Banquet.
The current view of the split-brain may not attract the attention of the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, but offers a more realistic view of the unity and evolution of the human mind.
The Nobel Foundation, when announcing Obama's selection for the 2009 peace prize, said the Norwegian Nobel Committee has ''attached special importance to Obama's vision of and work for a world without nuclear weapons.''
If recognition is awarded, premised on the recipient's efforts to broker global peace, by those claiming to possess as much prestige as the Nobel Foundation, to the leader of a nation engaged in as violent a global conflict as America, I would hate to think what the Nobel committee considers the disqualifications for its now joke of an award.
In the traditional, post-announcement interview to the Nobel Foundation's website, the laureate revealed that although his lab was celebrating, his wife was not even aware he had won.
<p>Kao, sometimes referred to as the "father of fiber-optic communications," was formally honored by the Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden "for groundbreaking achievements concerning the transmission of light in fibers for optical communication" <p>The Shanghai-born Kao shares the award with Willard Boyle and George Smith, who invented imaging technology using a digital sensor dubbed a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) that makes use of the photoelectric effect theorized by Albert Einstein under which light is transformed into electric signals.
Le ClE[umlaut]zio mentioned in his interview with the Editor-in-Chief of the Nobel Foundation web site that he considers his home to be Mauritius, the home of his ancestors.
the president of the college approached the Nobel Foundation and asked to use the Nobel name to name a new science building.
The Nobel Foundation offers free educational games at its official Web site (www.
"I am convinced that there was a leak," said Horace Engdahl, Permanent Secretary of the Nobel Foundation.