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Abbreviation for norepinephrine transporter.


Abbreviation for:
nerve excitability test
neuroendocrine tumour
new and emerging technologies 
non-equilibrium thermodynamics


1. A structure bearing a resemblance to a woven fabric. A network of nerve fibers or small vessels.
Synonym(s): rete (1) [TA] , net.
2. The people in a patient's environment, especially as significant for the course of the illness.
See also: reticulum


adj devoid of anything extraneous; free from all deductions, such as charges, expenses, taxes; remaining after expenses.

net, nett

the correct amount; not subject to further deductions; the amount remaining after all deductions have been made.

net calf crop
calves surviving until weaning.
net energy
energy available to the ingester for metabolic purposes. See also metabolizable energy.
net profit
gross income less all costs incurred by the enterprise.
net worth statement
balance sheet.

Patient discussion about net

Q. where is the greatest data base of Fibromyalgia over the net? do someone know the address ? will i find all my answers there ? is it like here where you can chat with other patient ?

A. i looked for information about Fibromyalgia all around the web and the best site gathering reliable information on it is:

gives you every web page about it and with a quality stamp :)

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The CEO who neglects to attend to the Internet's impact or, worse, takes a wait-and-see attitude in hopes of the Net becoming something like a traditional business medium - relatively stable and manageable, long- or even short-term - does so at his company's peril.
Indeed, the Net may well serve as both vehicle and destination for your business's journey into the future.
In particular, in the event that a participant in the netting becomes insolvent, it is important that the net obligations of the participants be legally recognized so that a receiver of the insolvent participant is not able to cherry pick," that is, accept incoming payments while voiding outgoing payments.
As with the first type, the net payments arising from the asset transfers may be settled across the Federal Reserve's books at the end of the day.
We understand that, as a result of the separate examination cycles being assigned to different Service Centers, the IRS is unable to join the cycles in order to "offset" the over- and underpayments for purposes of calculating interest on the net balance.
Acme Packet is showcasing the Net-Net PAC at the Spring 2004 Voice on the Net (VON) show in Santa Clara, CA, March 29-March 31, Booth #1102, http://pulver.
The nets are made of nylon mesh with a 32-inch metal outer ring and 12-inch inner bottom ring.
Morton places chemical light sticks in empty plastic soda bottles and ties them to the 60-foot line attached to the nets.