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Abbreviation for norepinephrine transporter.


Abbreviation for:
nerve excitability test
neuroendocrine tumour
new and emerging technologies 
non-equilibrium thermodynamics


1. A structure bearing a resemblance to a woven fabric. A network of nerve fibers or small vessels.
Synonym(s): rete (1) [TA] , net.
2. The people in a patient's environment, especially as significant for the course of the illness.
See also: reticulum


adj devoid of anything extraneous; free from all deductions, such as charges, expenses, taxes; remaining after expenses.

net, nett

the correct amount; not subject to further deductions; the amount remaining after all deductions have been made.

net calf crop
calves surviving until weaning.
net energy
energy available to the ingester for metabolic purposes. See also metabolizable energy.
net profit
gross income less all costs incurred by the enterprise.
net worth statement
balance sheet.

Patient discussion about net

Q. where is the greatest data base of Fibromyalgia over the net? do someone know the address ? will i find all my answers there ? is it like here where you can chat with other patient ?

A. i looked for information about Fibromyalgia all around the web and the best site gathering reliable information on it is:

gives you every web page about it and with a quality stamp :)

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References in classic literature ?
Great care was observed in bringing the net to land, and, after much toil, the whole shoal of victims was safely deposited in a hollow of the bank, where they were left to flutter away their brief existence in the new and fatal element.
As the labor of drawing the net had been very great, he directed one party of his men to commence throwing the fish into piles, preparatory to the usual division, while another, under the superintendence of Benjamin, prepared the seine for a second haul.
To the extent that for any period, interest is payable under subchapter A and allowable under subchapter B on equivalent underpayments and overpayments by the same taxpayer of tax imposed by this title, the net rate of interest under this section on such amounts shall be zero for such period.
For example, two banks that exchange large volumes of payments may agree to exchange certain types of payments, such as checks or ACH items, and settle the net value of the payments between themselves at a specific time.
When multiple years are closed out together and there are both overpayment and underpayment years, the IRS will generally offset the overpayment years against the underpayment years and issue a bill or refund for only the net amount.
To limit these risks, many financial institutions enter into netting contracts under which the payment obligations between two parties, or among several parties, are netted so that each party to the netting contract is required or entitled to make or to receive only a single payment that is the net of all of that party's transactions.
Where both an underpayment and overpayment of tax exist at the same time, it will always be beneficial for the taxpayer to have interest calculated on the net balance rather than on the gross amount of deficiency and refund.
Boulder Net Lease Funds, LLC believes that current dynamics within the net leased real estate investment market will create compelling investment opportunities.
We selected the Net to Net equipment for many reasons, including its plug and play capability, ease of use, quality of service and superior handling of video streams," stated George Wirt, general manager of Diverse Communications, Inc.
Acme Packet(TM) today unveiled the Acme Packet Net-Net(TM) PAC, the industry's most scalable, full-featured session border control solution for large-scale Tier 1 service provider deployments, at the Spring 2004 Voice on the Net (VON) show in Santa Clara.