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The product of a quantity times a distance.
[L. momentum (for movimentum), motion, moment, fr. moveo, to move]
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The result of a force's acting on an object at a distance from its axis, usually resulting in rotation of the object.
[L. momentum (for movimentum), motion, moment, fr. moveo, to move]
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Q. can one prevent asthma attack from happening from the moment he/she feels breathless???

A. If the patient feels breathless, than it's no longer preventing the attack but rather treating it. Prompt treatment of asthma attacks is very important and achieved mainly with bronchodilators (medications taken through inhalation), mainly short-acting beta agonists. More advanced treatments is usually given by medical professional as deemed needed.

Preventing asthma attacks is achieved through better control of the disease (with drugs such as inhaled steroids) and through avoidance of triggers such as infections of the lung (vaccinations etc.), avoidance of chemical irritants, pet allergens, cold, dry air etc.

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Q. Depression related. How can one prevent another from acting in the heat of the moment? I've known a friend who has struggled with personal depression most of his life, and every once in a while it really gets to him (yesterday, for example). Usually he can try to brush it off by occupying himself with something else, but other times he can't, and ends up seriously considering things that he normally wouldn't; suicide being the most serious. I talked to him today, and he told me he felt fine, but I'm concerned that one day he might actually act on his feelings.

A. My suggestion is to keep frequent contact with your friend and keep them talking and sharing their problems and worries. Someone who may often think about suicide should not be left alone if that is possible, especially when there are those really dark days.

Someone needs to followup and make sure they take their medication. Its so easy to lapse on that. My wife keeps up with me, but sometimes, we both miss it. I have resorted to programming the appoinment calendar on my cell phone PDA to alert me twice a day at medicine time. That only works if I remember to turn the phone on.
My doctor provided me with additioanl medication for those bad days which really works. It usually makes me sleepy and soon I forget about the whole thing that seemed to be bothering me. Thise bad days pass and soon all is back on track. Its just soemthing I have learned to live with for many many years. There's not going to be a cure for me. I just do the best I can and let the chips fall where they may.

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