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AIDS A hypothetical link between monkeys and man in the molecular evolution of a lentivirus endemic in monkeys which has been linked to HIV
Evolution A popular term for the ‘holy grail’ primate that would bridge the gap between monkey and man
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Marwah spoke about the missing link between dreams and reality and the steps that students can take to chase down their dreams.
And Houllier insists: "I feel he is the missing link for us.
For a free copy of The Missing Link, write NWF's Northeast Natural Resource Center, 58 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont 05602 or e-mail struhsacker@nwf.org.
In his book, The Cult of Information, Roszak (1986) has a chapter entitled, "The Public Library: The Missing Link of the Information Age." The chapter represents one of the better musings on the role of the public library in an information age.
is considered the missing link needed to help Kenora area local businesses and entrepreneurs bring value-added ideas to fruition.
Houllier said: ``I feel he is the missing link for us.
I would hope that the artist's conception of a black hole ("Hole in the Middle: Are midsize black holes the missing link?" SN: 9/21/02.
Unfortunately, job creation is still the missing link in the economy recovery.
The new findings "indicate that resistin may form at least part of the missing link between obesity and diabetes," says Jeffrey S.
"This [research] is probably the missing link demonstrating that this species of chimpanzee is the source of human infection," says Douglas D.