Missing Link

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AIDS A hypothetical link between monkeys and man in the molecular evolution of a lentivirus endemic in monkeys which has been linked to HIV
Evolution A popular term for the ‘holy grail’ primate that would bridge the gap between monkey and man
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Marwah spoke about the missing link between dreams and reality and the steps that students can take to chase down their dreams.
Member for Kilsyth David Hodgett said filling in the missing link will encourage more people to cycle.
Roszak may consider us the missing link of the Information Age, but as long as forty-eight states can establish programs to disseminate information on alternative energy technologies and fail to consider using the existing public library network as a means of doing that, we have a long way to go to become central to the Information Age.
We don't have the expertise in town to flush out (ideas) and the mills don't have enough time to do it, so Forintek is considered the missing link," Carlson says.
They expect these bacteria to serve as the missing link in attempts to replace cavity-causing bacteria with mutant strains that do not generate the large amounts of acid that decay teeth.
The ocean is the missing link for climate," says Koblinsky.