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Prime Cuts - The Last Word In Beef by Sonia Stevenson is published by Harper Collins, priced pounds 14.99.
"The Sutton will introduce a new product niche in New York - a boutique hotel devoted to long-term stays of at least 30 days which offers the last word in luxury and comfort for executive travelers," according to Paul T.
I thoroughly enjoy doing cryptic crosswords and have discovered that their clues refer to "Amen", as "the last word".
But this icon reminds us that death doesn't have the last word.
For him the Exodus is not historical, but only a "metaphor for liberation." One hopes this is not the last word. RWK
One civilian hopeful, Henry Bolley from Polk City, Fla., describes his experience with weightlessness on a zero-gravity airplane flight for "The Last Word" on page 104.
Thomas Parrish is one of those rare writers who writes to invite, and despite the title of his latest work, he demonstrates that the best writers of the history of science do not produce the last word. The Submarine, like the author's previous Encyclopedia of the Cold War and American Codebreakers, leads readers into sharing a sense of fascination, into an urge to dig deeper and know more.
It wasn't as irritating on The Last Word, maybe it just doesn't sound right first thing in the morning.
In support of Steve Bonta's point about the wastefulness of the space program in the Last Word column of the February 9 issue:
Speaking minutes before his last time on air Eamon said: "I'm very sad to be leaving The Last Word and Today FM.
It seemed the last word had been said with the Venice show at the Palazzo Grassi in 1986.
Perhaps your continuous desire to not be bullied has led you to feel that you must always have the last word in every conversation or argument.