Kyoto Protocol

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A protocol of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, an international environmental treaty with the goal of stabilising greenhouse gas concentrations
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It is necessary that an adequate mechanism is agreed on to ensure higher Quantified Emission Limitation and Reduction Objectives by the Annex 1 Parties to the Kyoto Protocol so that we can keep their pledges under constant review," she said.
climate change convention starting in Qatar on Monday, as developing countries are against the use of the mechanism by major greenhouse gas-emitting nations which reject new emission reduction commitments from 2013 under the Kyoto Protocol.
Of the countries analyzed in the book, two were chosen because they chose not to ratify the Kyoto Protocol (United States and Australia), four were major emitters that did ratify the protocol (Canada, Japan, European Union, and Russia), and one (China) was the largest non-Annex country under the protocol.
By contrast, the Kyoto Protocol applied to around 15 percent of global emissions.
It said little during recent climate talks in South Africa where countries agreed to extend the Kyoto protocol and hammer out a new deal to force big polluters to cut greenhouse emissions.
It was reported earlier Tuesday that Canada is invoking its legal right to formally withdraw from the Kyoto Protocol, thus becoming the first country to leave the pact on cutting carbon emissions.
The Kyoto Protocol does exist after 2012, and the role of the Kyoto Protocol will continue to be discussed even after Cancun,'' he said.
So a willingness on the part of the BASIC nations to soften their stand on the Kyoto Protocol could help break the negotiations logjam and bring on board the United States which never ratified the protocol.
The developing countries plus China said they wanted talks to focus more on the Kyoto Protocol rather than on broader discussions on climate change.
Otherwise known as Clean Development Mechanisms (CDM) under the Kyoto Protocol to reduce killer emissions around the world, these efforts are often far-ranging and score credits for Kyoto-ratified countries like the UAE, something that has not been taken enough advantage of, he added.
On December 3 2007 Prime Minister Kevin Rudd signed the instrument of ratification of the Kyoto Protocol.
New Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said yesterday he had signed the paperwork to ratify the Kyoto Protocol on global warming, nine days after sweeping to power in elections that ended more than 11 years of conservative rule.