Health On the Net Foundation

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Health On the Net Foun·da·tion

(helth net fown-dā'shŭn)
Not-for-profit portal to medical information on the Internet; developed HONcode of ethical guidelines for health care Web site developers.
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Health On the Net Foundation



A not-for-profit organization based in Switzerland, which in 1995 developed a Code of Conduct to guide the reader of health care information available on the Internet. The set of rules allows the reader to know the source and the purpose of the data being read.
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The Web abounds in authoritative, excellent health information, and educated consumers have learned to look for such signs of quality as the HONcode, assigned by the Health on the Net Foundation; (1) federal government, academic medical center, or nonprofit organization sponsorship; and similar imprimaturs of quality.
A health information Web site carries the HON image as a way of pledging to abide by the standards established by the Health on the Net Foundation. A review process and reporting mechanism are in place where users can report a Web site's violation of the HON principles.