Seattle Committee

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A group in Seattle, Washington, that met regularly in the 1960s to decide the ‘social worth’ of patients needing haemodialysis, which at the time was limited in availability
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Germain's "The God Committee," an examination of the ethical and emotional issues surrounding organ donation.
(96) The God Committee's deliberations were clear, medical salvation was only intended for "socially worthwhile" patients.
The God Committee is an example of why denying prisoners an organ transplant based on moral worth is a slippery slope.
109) reports on a conversation amongst the God Committee in which the decision about who would be selected for dialysis was discussed relative to the likelihood of the remarriage of the patient's wife should the patient be refused treatment:
The moral repugnance of the God Committee's processes caused such an outcry that it ignited a prominent and public debate in American medical ethics (Churchill, Torrance, & Taylor, 1987; Cohen, Steinman, & Robinson, 2004; Stanton, 1999 p.1170).
"The God Committee," a predictable melodrama world-preeming in the Berkshires, falls into the category of medical ethics drama.
Ironically, the God Committee that Congress created to exempt the dam from the Endangered Species Act rule against the project, calling it "ill-conceived and uneconomic." The dam was finished, however, after Congress specifically ordered its completion in a rider to an omnibus spending bill.
The God Committee has been convened to look into logging restrictions put in place to protect the Northern spotted owl.