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country in West Africa, bordering North Atlantic Ocean and Senegal.
Gambian sleeping sickness - caused by parasite Trypanosoma brucei and transmitted through bite of an infected tsetse fly. Synonym(s): trypanosomiasis
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th], HelpMeSee and its local partners at Sheikh Zayed Regional Eye Care Center in The Gambia held a launch event at the hospital that included nearly 150 people from the local medical community, government, and public health organizations.
The 1783 Treaty of Paris gave Great Britain possession of The Gambia, but the French retained a tiny enclave at Albreda on the north bank of the river, which was finally ceded to the United Kingdom in 1857.
Heather Armstrong, Director of the Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust said "In the year that the show was initiated it was difficult for judges to choose a winner because so many animals were in poor condition; this year it was difficult to choose winners because the general condition of the animals was so good, particularly that of the donkeys.
policy seeks to build improved relations with The Gambia on the basis of historical ties--mutual respect, democratic rule, human rights, and adherence to United Nations resolutions on counterterrorism, conflict diamonds, and other forms of trafficking.
The Gambia is about 90 per cent Muslim, so Takaful is not difficult to sell.
The aircraft will be branded with the national colours of The Gambia and will seat 138 passengers in Premium Economy Class.
The Wolof, Malinke and Fulani peoples settled in what is now The Gambia as early as the 13th century, when the Kouroukan Fouga, the constitution of the Mali Empire, was the law of the land.
Excursions are bookable locally through The Gambia Experience's hotel reps with West African Tours I was Gambian world pass
With a bottle of the local beer, Julbrew, in hand and the sweeping vista of the river in front of me, I understood why the Gambia enchants so many.
Today, the credit union movement in The Gambia steps forward proudly to join their peers within the wonderful international credit union fraternity," said Baboucarr Jeng, NACCUG general manager.
The Gambia Experience is currently offering great savings which include seven-night holidays at Kombo Beach from pounds 399 per person based on departure January 7, 2011 representing a saving of pounds 292 per person.
The Gambia government hereby requests all Iranian nationals representing the interest of the government of Iran in the Gambia to leave the country within 48 hours from the effective date stipulated through a notification issued to the government of Iran," the statement said.