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subtropical swamp area located in southern Florida.
Everglades virus - virus producing symptoms from mild influenza-like illness to encephalitis syndrome; found only in the state of Florida.
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The Miccosukee Tribe has not limited its involvement in the regulation and restoration of the Everglades to the courtroom.
The effects on the Everglades from a century of ditching, diking, farming, and development have been devastating.
His call for a tax on sugar and at least $500 million in federal restoration funds represents a real jump beyond the Everglades Forever fiasco.
Although the coastal urban corridor depends on water supply from the Everglades (and ultimately from Lake Okeechobee), it is perhaps fortuitous that coastal dwellers are concerned about estuarine and marine water quality which is impacted by polluted surface and groundwaters from inland agricultural areas.
Church goes on to describe the muck and slime; the authors comment that "Today, in a few hours we travel in air-conditioned cars on a ribbon of asphalt across the Everglades between Tampa and Miami, longing for the Everglades that Church knew, but probably with no intention of enduring the suffering he knew.
Hurston shows that even the folk community of the Everglades in not in fact immune to prejudice and snobbery, and it is just at the point where the book changes from optimistic quest to gothic horror thriller that the admirable egalitarianism of the folk community shows the ideological cracks - racism, materialism, and a magical belief in the power and goodness of those in authority - that threaten to undermine it completely.
In 1900, the Everglades ecosystem extended as far north as which city in Florida?
Florida offered low taxes for land and water, and at an annual expense of more than $50 million to the American taxpayers, Washington kept the Everglades drained in the wet season and irrigated in the dry.
When a study of water entering the Everglades showed that feeder streams weren't responsible for the mercury excess, "we realized, astonishingly, this was an air-pollution problem," says Atkeson, now the coordinator of mercury research for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection in Tallahassee.
The Everglades was part of the Kissimmee-Okeechobee-Everglades watershed that covered the southern half of the Florida peninsula.
Once spreading across four million acres, the Everglades has been reduced to half its original size by a century of agricultural growth, urban sprawl and unwise water management.
Hinson said the FAA eventually would have found the problems with ValuJet that led to the grounding, even if the Everglades crash had never occurred.

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