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Cinzia Hardy, artistic director of November Club, said: "Beyond the End of the Road is the most ambitious project we have ever undertaken.
We believe that the conviction of Amalilio by a Malaysian court is not the end of the road for our quest for justice.
To The End Of The Road by Ray King (Fastprint Publishing, Peterborough)
During evenings, the traffic is also very heavy as there is parking at the end of the road which is used by members of the nearby British Club.
To those of us "tired and weary" after a decade of this Labour government, the end of the road can't come soon enough
How will you know when the End Of The Road has come for Boys II Men?
It also tells us something of the ways that the change in printing practices spelled the end of the road for the romances from the early modern period.
ANTI-WIND farm campaigners have reached the end of the road in their bid to stop a cluster of turbines on towers twice the size of Nelson's Column.
Archbishop Adam Exner of Vancouver, while disappointed with the negative side of the ruling, has said that it is not the end of the road for the schools.
At the end of the road, it can be said that Solnit has written an insightful reflection on contemporary walking.
They realize that a setback is not the end of the road, but rather a bend in the road.
In terms of the legal processes, it is the end of the road," said Colonel Ken Baillie, an American who commands the Salvation Army's operations in Russia and four other former Soviet republics.