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Medspeak Any group of people in the same field of endeavor—e.g., research—who are regarded as being the top in their respective areas of expertise and who, when their talents are pooled in an activity, would be expected to achieve synergistic results that can only be ‘dreamed’ about
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Adam Cuthbertson (Leeds Rhinos) Dream Team appearances: 1 (2015) When the England team lines up for the first Test against New Zealand at Hull on November 1, it will be interesting to compare Steve McNamara's selection to the Dream Team.
To be chosen for the Dream Team just a week after being named the Giants Player of the Year is massive for me.
It is a hallmark of Stand Up To Cancer that our translational research result in patient benefits during the three years in which the Dream Teams are funded," explained Sung Poblete, PhD, RN, president and CEO of Stand Up To Cancer.
In this year's version of 2K Sports' NBA video game, NBA 2K13, players will be able to match up the Dream Team minus Scottie Pippen, who couldn't agree to a licensing fee against this year's Olympic Team.
The Dream Team match brings together top young prospects with representatives of all five golf leagues in the North East.
Four players - Williams, Jamie Heaslip, Lifeimi Mafi and Tommy Bowe - have made the Dream Team for the second year running.
Byrne said: "It's great for the Ospreys that we have five players selected in the Dream Team.
Four players - Shane Williams, Ben Blair, Felipe Contepomi and Jamie Heaslip - have made the Dream Team for the second year running.
The Dream Team books recount the adventures of a group of Dream Fetchers, tiny fairy-like creatures in a parallel universe that travel around on winged scooters, delivering dreams to people all over the world.
The Dream Team, equipped with blue-and-red ``Dream Now'' T-shirts, is helping raise $100 million to fund the Dr.
Vote for the players you think should be included in the Dream Team and you could win a signed pair of goalie gloves or a signed MFC shirt.
THE Dream Team were nursing major hangovers yesterday as they played a charity match with Eircom League side Bohemians.