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or A·ver·rho·ës (ə-vĕr′ō-ēz′, ăv′ə-rō′ēz) 1126-1198.
Arab physician and philosopher, born in Spain. He is best known for his commentaries on Aristotle.
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The commentator also announces some major themes in the Foreword: the double nature, objective and subjective, of time (especially ironic in the land of watches and clocks), the placement of the story before the cataclysmic Great War, the use of the Faust legend, the unusual length of the novel, the playful recurrence of the number seven and the magic spell that dominates the mountain (Mann, The Magic Mountain, trans.
The ruckus kicked up by the puppet authorities while peddling the story is designed to stir up the atmosphere of international sanctions against the north and increase pressure upon it in various aspects,'' the commentator said, according to KCNA.
The racing public, and not least the commentators themselves, deserve better.
Yes folks, it's Ingerland in the World Cup finals and time for the commentators to revert to the BBC's unofficial idiot guide for English pundits - guaranteed to have every Scot squirming.
Chappell further said that rather than muzzling the commentators, it is better had BCCI sacked them if it did not like what the commentators were saying, adding that the board was short-changing the public despite having their own credibility to consider.
However, the rapper seemed to have faded out of his mind as the commentators talked about his recently released music video - which really suits for a college football game.
Furthermore, the ICC doesn't give any guidelines to the commentators who are free to express their views.
As with all previous volumes, the NIV and NRSV are printed at the head of each pericope, and then the commentators provide both exegesis and hermeneutical/homiletical helps.
It's fine for the commentators to support England but why does England have to be mentioned in nearly every game?
The commentators also criticised Nigeria and Cameroon for their `lack of discipline' and their failure to `keep cool'.